A great big THANKS! to all our friends, old and new, who came to Brown’s Diner last night, Feb. 13th! Thank you Ron Kimbro, hosting and busily serving up those burgers and beers.

I must say, the band was on fire. Fiddle and Steel, Guitar and Bass, dulcet vocalizations by our chanteuse, Miss Pamela Jackson and our leader Davis Raines! And….  And…. a driving rhythm from Nashville’s own, Pat McInerny paired with Norm Stannard’s big ole bass! Ward Stout’s fiddle never sounded sweeter! Ben Blankenship’s guitar oozed tone and trills!   And I laid a few notes down on the steel, (1947 Vega Lap Steel tuned to E6 a la Don Helms into some 6L6 goodness.)

It was a tight fit on that bandstand. I thought we wouldn’t be able to wear hats, but we did!

Fun, fun, fun, and thanks also to my bandmates!

— Slim





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